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Today, more businesses are investing in energy-efficiency measures not because of "green" business initiatives - although they can certainly be an influencer - but because they view it as a smart operational practice. Economical and efficient production demands a higher level of energy efficiency than ever before and for this, effective energy data management is the key.

Energy data management provides transparency into where and how energy is in highest demand. Leaving no stone unturned, it reveals hidden potentials for savings by measuring the consumption of a wide range of resources such as electricity, gas and water using informative energy indicators (temperature, pressure and process data).

For companies who are still at the beginning of their energy management, a special challenge is the development of the right measuring system, because important values are easy to overlook while unimportant ones can be overrated. Once the data is collected, expertise in data analytics is needed to mine actionable information which the company can use to improve decision-making, transform processes and effectively manage service and maintenance.

Benchmarking and transparency of your energy consumption is a good practice for companies looking to find hidden opportunities for cost savings.

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Webinar on Energy Analytics: Finding Opportunities for Savings and How to Implement a Strategy

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Energy Analytics: Finding Opportunities for Savings and How to Implement a Strategy


Case Study

The availability of massive amounts of data – referred to as “big data” – poses new opportunities and challenges at the same time for manufacturers seeking to implement an energy improvement strategy. Managing the sheer volume of data and it’s variety, storing the data in an accessible way, processing the data at an acceptable pace, requires an expertise that many companies do not have in-house. Not to mention, the amount of time and cost that would be involved.

For companies who are still at the beginning of their energy management or want to improve their current program, how do you meet the knowledge requirements, create smart data and not just big data and manage budget constraints?

With staffing and skills development a major challenge, it should not be a surprise that operations and plant managers are searching for the best organization to help with an energy management strategy.

Siemens works everyday with customers to design, build, maintain and continually monitor their facility's energy usage for operational efficiency and reduced operating costs. We develop special metering infrastructures and recording systems tailor made for the customers’ requirements. The data are automatically recorded and transmitted to the Siemens Energy Service Center via a secure connection. Our experts analyze and benchmark the data against industry standards to identify real sources of waste - whether that be energy, water or other resources. We’ll help quantify improvement opportunities and areas of cost savings to help drive the most efficient and cost-effective production possible. Informative energy reports create transparency for all levels of your company, revealing potential for saving without tying up time and resources.

A reliable partner can help keep you focused on your production. Learn more about Siemens service-approach to energy data management by reading the case study below. 

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