January 19  /  10:00am - 10:30am ( + Add to My Calendar )

Tech on Tap: New Sound Shield Technology

HEAR the difference in this live virtual event! Reduce Pump and Air Compressor Noise with New Sound Shield Technology.

The new Sound Shield from Gast Manufacturing is the only technology of its kind. It significantly reduces sound levels and perceived loudness of the Gast 86R & 87R families of pumps and compressors without affecting their performance. By dampening equipment pump noise, Sound Shield creates a quieter, more pleasant working environment — increasing user comfort and productivity.

Pump and Air Compressor Noise Reduction

Sound Shield delivers up to a 25% dB(A) drop and a 40% Sone decrease in perceived loudness at open flow compared to a standard Gast pump.

No Effect on Compressor or Pump Performance and Life

A Gast compressor or pump upgraded with Sound Shield technology maintains 95% of the air flow of a standard model. Maximum pressure, vacuum and running temperature are not affected, and product life is maintained.

Simple Installation

Sound Shield technology was designed to be easily retrofitted in the field or at Gast facilities. For convenience, all parts are kitted — down to the screws — and installation takes as little as four steps using common tools.

Reduced Hassle and Complexity

Sound Shield is a simple, integrated solution from a single supplier. It eliminates the need to source, purchase and install additional sound reduction components such as foam insulation, mufflers, covers, or cabinets.

Tech on Tap: New Sound Shield Technology