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The Next Cyberattack is a millisecond away… Learn how SIBERprotect™ Responds

SIBERprotect™ is the most advanced, real-time cyber attack monitoring and response solution for OT systems. From critical infrastructure such as power plants and water treatment facilities to military depots, data centers and operations centers, SIBERprotect can respond to and dramatically limit the impact of a cyber attack within milliseconds at machine speed. If your facilities rely on OT (which virtually every one does), SIBERprotect is absolutely essential to the success of your mission.

The Next Cyber Attack is a Millisecond Away…

Cybercrime related damage is projected to reach $6 trillion annually by 2021, as concerns for cybersecurity risks are increasing. Cyber attacks are constantly on the rise, putting missions, and lives at risk. Now more than ever, it is crucial to be proactive, and protect your military installations and industrial sites with a fast and reliable technology: SiBerProtect.

The WannaCry ransomware attack infected approximately 230,000 computers globally. The ransomware spread to computer systems in 150 countries. In one specific instance, a site with 25 automation controllers required more than 2,000 working hours to eradicate and remediate all of the IT and OT computer systems in the facility. SiBerProtect allows for the ability to isolate and quarantine the infected production equipment groups and would have enabled full remediation and resumption to normal operation in less than a day.

SiBerProtect™ in Operation

SiBerProtect™ can securely place OT into a safe state, isolated or quarantined, on credible identification of a cyber attack from advanced cyber threat detection technology provided by Next Generation Firewalls, Endpoint solutions, Threat/Risk intelligence, etc. These technologies, some enhanced with machine learning capabilities, are used to inform the SIBERprotect implementation of a credible cyber attack or operational threat. SIBERprotect then initiates a rule-based equipment management sequence to protect selected equipment and initiate other desired response actions. Rapid assessment and remediation can then be performed on prioritized equipment groups, limiting the risk of contamination. SIBERprotect provides situational awareness while simultaneously initiating emergency measures so the facility can cope better with worst case scenarios.

Advantages of SiBerProtect™

SiBerProtect™ automation technology responds in milliseconds. SIBERprotect operates independent of the site network. Upon receiving a cyber attack notification, SIBERprotect performs a strategically predetermined automatic action sequence. SIBERprotect simultaneously provides notification of the cyber attack via lights, sirens, emails, and text messages. SIBERprotect can be activated manually by a security officer.

Key Features of SiBerProtect™

  • Automatically activates emergency backup equipment
  • Provides a “panic button” activation capability
  • Works with modern technology (e.g. AI and machine learning)
  • Works with older technology (e.g. Ethernet hubs)
  • Recovery can be one segment at a time or a “restore all” function
  • Isolated from the site IT network to prevent being attacked
  • Uses technology that OT personnel understand
  • Has all the benefits of an industrial solution (speed, reliability, determinism, availability)

Why SIBERprotect™?

SIBERprotect™ provides sub-second response to a cyber attack after notification from configured real-time sources. It’s ability to interact safely with existing controllers and equipment and across sites allows for warning of coordinated attacks while isolating network segments to stop the spread of malware and prevent intruder access. With SIBERprotect, work cells and equipment groups are able to continue operation while preventing recontamination during remediation. SIBERprotect helps speed remediation by simplifying the process of safely restoring systems in the desired priority order.

The Next Cyberattack is a millisecond away… Learn how SIBERprotect™ Responds