June 23  /  2:00pm - 3:00pm ( + Add to My Calendar )

Festo: Achieve a Better Flow Solution

How an optimized valve selection can best meet your needs

There are many ways to get your media from point A to B — but there is only one best way. Thanks to Festo’s valve configuration tools for its KVZB ball valves, KDFP quarter-turn actuators and KVZA butterfly valves, Festo makes process automation easier than ever before.

With Festo’s visualization of your process valve unit as 3D renderings and the configuration-ready CAD data, there’s no room for error. Join Festo for this upcoming webinar, during which its experts will explore these configurator tools in greater detail.

Over the course of the online event, you will learn:

  • How to generate a flow control solution for your process application within minutes
  • How to optimize your valve’s design to meet your needs based on application conditions like air pressure, ambient temperature, and washdown requirements
  • How to simplify your engineering and procurement processes by taking various factors into account, like initial product search, sizing, configuration and documentation
  • How customers of all industries have successfully developed and implemented their own Festo control concept

Festo: Achieve a Better Flow Solution