January 25  /  11:30am - 12:00pm ( + Add to My Calendar )

Fortress Safety: Lockout/Tagout

LOTO is a procedure used to isolate hazardous energy sources and prevent accidental or unintended release of hazardous energy during servicing or maintenance, but when is LOTO required? What is (and isn’t) LOTO?

During this webinar, Fortress will introduce the regulations and standards that exist to help users understand LOTO. Standards such as ANSI Z244.1:R2020 and BS 14100:2020 include important information on the approaches and implementation of these programs.

Fortress will discuss the importance of LOTO in ensuring the safety of workers and preventing accidents and injuries. They will also introduce trapped key systems as one method of enhancing LOTO by providing additional layers of safety.

There will be time for questions so you can quiz Fortress’s safety experts on the topic or even outside it.

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Fortress Safety: Lockout/Tagout