Turning innovation into value since 1969

Since 1969, Electro-Matic has helped transform American industry by supplying automation components and solutions to leading U.S. manufacturers. Today, Electro-Matic continues to leverage the value of emerging technologies by developing practical applications for industrial, commercial, and retail markets. As a technology company, we help our customers enjoy the benefit of a supplier partner intently focused on delivering strong value-for-value relationships while turning innovation into value.

In 2021, Electro-Matic joined forces with SunSource, allowing us to increase our footprint across North America.

Manufacturer Line Card

Electro-Matic’s commitment to providing a World-Class Product Mix dictates that we only work with the best. Our select product mix is a result of a partnership with manufacturers who share a commitment to value-added distribution to deliver technology-based products, differentiated services, and solutions to the industrial automation marketplace.

Quality System

Electro-Matic Products is committed to meeting our customers’ requirements. We work very hard to maintain ISO 9001:2015 certification. We are responsible for initiating action to continuously improve processes and practices while ensuring quality. Our customers are the beneficiaries of our commitment to process and quality, and it shows.


Electro-Matic relies on industry and business associations to keep abreast of market changes, technology advances, best business practices and other relevant information that may be used as a tool for our organizations.


Electro-Matic is a dynamic and demanding organization that requires a commitment to our community, environment and people. Information on careers, how to apply and current job openings are found here.

Electro-Matic Through the Years