July 14  /  2:00pm - 3:00pm ( + Add to My Calendar )

TIA Portal Guided Tour: Apply a Template

Industry 4.0 is here with digital manufacturing solutions powering the future of smart factories through custom automation simulation, virtual commissioning, data analytics, Industrial Edge and the cloud.

Join Siemens and learn first-hand from a solutions partner, DMC, Inc., how to fast-track time to market, gain production efficiency and lower cost with TIA Portal – the leading engineering platform used today by manufacturing companies worldwide.

In this live webinar, John DeTellem (Product Manager, TIA Portal Engineering Platform) from Siemens will speak with John Sullivan (Project Director, DMC, Inc.), Nikhil Holay (Project Manager, DMC, Inc.), and Patrick Smith (Project Engineer, DMC, Inc.) to show how easy it is to employ a standard template that is tried, true and tested within the TIA Portal – whether it’s an example project file, a set of libraries, or a fully detailed specification.

Watch this live demo on how to use Siemens Open Library with TIA Portal Openness and SIMATIC Visualization Architect (SiVArc) to execute the generation of the PLC blocks and HMI screens for a specific application.

Attendees Will Learn How To:

  • Get started with a library of automation components available as open-source reference
  • Make use of simple tools like Excel to manage application details to execute automatic generation
  • Apply an example DMC Inc, Brewing Template to deploy a TIA Portal application of PLCS with HMI for a systems-centric approach

Prerequisites (OPTIONAL, for following along with the Presenter):

  • Log on and/or register on Siemens’ Industrial Support website (www.siemens.com/sios)
  • Find the TIA Portal V17 Delivery Release Product Note: support.industry.siemens.com/cs/ww/en/view/109784438 
  • Download and install a free trial of TIA Portal v17
  • Select the link to the trial Download of the SIMATIC Step 7 V17 (109784440):
    – Download and install DVD 1 Setup TIA_Portal_STEP7_Prof_Safety_WINCC_Adv_Unified_V17.iso (6.0 GB)
    – Download and install DVD 3 WinCC Panel Images SIMATIC_WinCC_Panel_Images_V17.iso (6.7 GB)
    – Download and install S7-PLCSIM DVD 1 Setup SIMATIC_S7-PLCSIM_V17.iso (1.8 GB)

TIA Portal Guided Tour: Apply a Template